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The Importance of Having a Solid Relationship With Your Auto Mechanic

Few people that you speak to can tell you they like and trust the auto shops they've visited in the past. Even fewer will tell you that they have 100% confidence that their mechanic is not only talented, but honest and efficient as well.

Why is it so difficult to find the right one for you? Have you given them enough opportunity to impress you with their skills, price and speed of repair -- or are you so frustrated at this point that mechanics all look same to you?

That is, putting the sale before the customer.

Have you ever been called into the car dealer for a recall, only to have an extensive list of "recommended" repairs handed to you? Ever noticed an item on the list, let's say, brakes, for example, and been told it's time to replace them -- when you know they were just replaced a few months ago?

Every one of us has seen one of those "vehicle inspection" sheets at some point. But how many of us are qualified to actually determine whether or not the repairs listed are necessary at the time? Could you safely go another six months before the repairs are really needed?

We place a ton of trust in our auto mechanic to not only do the repairs correctly the first time, but to determine for us when each repair is necessary.

Unless you are a qualified mechanic yourself, the only option is to find one, establish a relationship of trust, and never look back.

Do your homework -- go online, make some phone calls, visit some shops. Finding the right mechanic is an important decision. Because you are trusting someone else to give you the correct information at all times.

And that can be a little bit scary.


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